Monday, December 22, 2008

"Illustration 1" Novel Homework

For this homework assignment our teacher asked us to pick a modern novel, and make an illustration based on one or sentences from the novel.........I picked "A Clockwork Orange" by Alexander De Large which was pretty difficult due to the fact that it's got a whole different language....But I understood it after reading it over and over.........So this is the sentence I used: I viddied right at once what to to do. I said, in a thick deep goloss, "right, Georgie now" and I whished out a cut throat britva. Georgie said "uh" but he was skorry enough with his nosh. The blade coming out of the handle and we were onto each other......Anyways, I wasn't really happy with the final outcome but I'm still gonna show it, my weakness is color, but it's something I'm gonna work on really hard.........Hope you guys like it

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