Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Drawaholics Anonymous Challenge"

Okay so my friend Michael Buffington has a group named Drawaholic Anonymous, and gave us a weekly challenge...Here is what he wrote:

Okay Drawaholic's.... So here's is your mission should you choose to accept it. I was watching justice league unlimited with my son and realized that according to the continuity that they established in the cartoon, Lex Luther is a super duper mega genius... Then a strange thought occurred to me.... What If Lex Luther created a deliciously evil weapon called "The Geek Ray" that once it caught the unsuspecting metahuman in its cross hairs turned them from superhuman to supergeeks?

So Your challenge is: Do a sketch or drawing of one of the well known characters from the DC universe.... AFTER they've been hit by the dastardly Lex Luther and his super wicked Geek Ray...

This is my sketch........"Aquageek"

Saturday, May 23, 2009

"Spring Show 2009"

Okay, where do I begin.....So about three weeks ago I submitted 7 pieces to get in the spring show for school....All I wanted is to get in the show...At least 1 piece to get in....It was not till the day of the show that I was going to find out what got in......So as I get to the show and get to the Illustration section I see my friend Petur and says to me dude you got an award........I was like for what and he was like sketchbook....I was in shock because when I made my board for the sketchbook category I really was just putting personal stuff that I draw to keep my creative juice goin.......thinking it's not award winning little studies...I espeacially was shocked when I saw the other entree's like Gue Yang and Ryan Lang these guy's work is frickin awsome...So my hats off to you two cats for an awsome job on your sketcbook and to Ryan Lang dude your vis. development, dude you killed man super amazing pieces, concept and everything and also want to congratulate Petur for his super dope award...Dude that's an honor to get that award...Also Steven Howard for that amazing cross-section, so sick....But I'm lookin foward for next year cause there are some new cats to look out for such as Robert and Omari, anyways I'm tired of typing so here are some images of the pieces that got in and didn't get in etc.....

P.s. Shoutouts to my Boy's Lee Ballard, Chris Canga and Erwin Madrid and the whole oldschool workshop click........

Monday, May 18, 2009

"Freelance GiG"

I got a quick freelance gig, which was a flyer for an event called "PlayDatBeat" which consists of 3 talented Dj's Mista B from 4onefunk, A.M. Almighty and of course Benny Flan....guarantee to rock the floor......It's gonna be at Skylark 16th street and Valencia, June 7th.....I highly recommend you to go, great crowd, dope ass music, great party and free, it doesnt get any better than that.........So go, this is how the flyers turned out............

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Digital Imaging homework

I was to do two character designs one hero one slave with in roman times.....with a little sci-fi mix in it.....not happy with it, at all but i'll show you guys......

Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Pinnochio" illustration 2 homework

For this assignment I was to pick a story and create a children's book illustration....I chose my favorite "Pinnochio" but I tweeked it out a bit...more flava into the character, a retro late 80's early 90's style, hip hop and jazzy ...I did a lot of sketches in designing pinnochio cause I didn't want it to look like disney's, so it was quite a challenge but I think it went well...This is the part of the story when he's running away from pleasure island and jumps off the cliff scared cause he realizes that everyone is turning into a donkey and so is he.....Hope you guys like it.............
P.s. Thanks Petur