Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Drawaholics Anonymous Challenge"

Okay so my friend Michael Buffington has a group named Drawaholic Anonymous, and gave us a weekly challenge...Here is what he wrote:

Okay Drawaholic's.... So here's is your mission should you choose to accept it. I was watching justice league unlimited with my son and realized that according to the continuity that they established in the cartoon, Lex Luther is a super duper mega genius... Then a strange thought occurred to me.... What If Lex Luther created a deliciously evil weapon called "The Geek Ray" that once it caught the unsuspecting metahuman in its cross hairs turned them from superhuman to supergeeks?

So Your challenge is: Do a sketch or drawing of one of the well known characters from the DC universe.... AFTER they've been hit by the dastardly Lex Luther and his super wicked Geek Ray...

This is my sketch........"Aquageek"


  1. I love dc comics good luck with drawing people I was never good at drawing what I do is more like collage.