Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Illustration 1" Composite Homework

On this homework assignment we had to make a composite having 1 dominant shape along with 4 other elements, which would be a total of 5 things in your illustration......We had to base it on a negative dream or personal experience, or a positive, personal experience.......I picked a positvie personal experience.....about 5 years ago I witnessed a band by the name of "The Dap-Kings" out of New York and if you ever want to experience vintage funk I recommend you guys to check them out.......They straight up use old instruments along with old amps which gives it a raw sound like you've gone back in time, like 1969-1971.........Anyways, I saw them perform in my homestown (San Francisco) at the "ELBO" room, and for those people that don't know the venue, it has a limited space so when a band performs you really get to feel the music.........I was up front when they performed and I honestly felt like the funk got the best of me that night.......

So this is my illustration, oh and by the way on this asssignment we are suppose to put a portrait of yourself in it.........Hope you like it and here's a clip of them jammin

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