Saturday, December 27, 2008

"Editorial" Homework

Ok, so for my Illustration 1 homework we had to make an editorial......We were suppose to do it for the "New Yorker" but I went ahead and made it for a different magazine, called "Waxpoetics"......Waxpoetics is a magazine about the record diggin culture, of different types of music.....This magazine has it all, from Dj's, Producers, collectors, Artist, Musician etc........anyways I got inspired by this mix tape named "Drugs" by Philidelphia's Soulman and a song called "The Dig" by People Under The Stairs.....The concept is how buying record pretty much gets really addicting, I mean spending all your work money on it, that you don't have money for rent, always broke because of that itch of finding that gem..... So this is what I came up with, i hope you guys like it and along with it I'll show you a little clip of what record diggin is about..........

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