Saturday, December 20, 2008

"Illustration 1" homework

Our first assignment was based on using pen and our teacher gave us 6 objects which was a fish or snake, pillow, wheat, wooden barrel, wooden floor, weave basket and we had to draw them using paterns and texture ......after that, our teacher made us pick one of those objects and make an illustation of a person in an interior setting interacting with one of those objects so I picked the snake and weave basket....... so I started brainstorming and got an idea of how in india they have those guys playin a flute and the snake comes out dancin out of a basket......but what I wanted to illustrate was a Jazz musician in his room playin his trumpet along with with his record, while his snake is comin out of it's basket, along in his room he has a collection of weave baskets......and I think I successfully pulled it off, I hope you like it.........

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