Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Oil Painting" Clothed Figure Painting

Sorry for not posting, but the thing is that, I have no internet, since i recently moved to a new place.. I have also been loaded with a lot of homework... I've been busy learning how to paint in oil...It was recommended from a good friend to take oil painting classes...cause it will help me when I start getting really into digital paintings..I'm taking clothed figure painting and composition painting......I must say that I have two great teachers, one of them bein John Wentz, which is a great painter and very inspirational so I know his class is gonna benefit me when I take more illustration classes....The first painting imma show, is my clothed figure painting assignment, which is just a figure in a indoor enviornment and so I came up with this piece....


  1. Wow I am so glad somebody like you is continueing to learn good luck in the future .

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