Sunday, December 26, 2010

"The Jazz Kid" Visual Development

Characters: Beto, Don Carlos, Hector (left to right)

Here's some work I did for the story "The Jazz Kid" by James Lincoln Collier... This was for my Drawing for films class... This is my first attempt on creating a world that doesn't exist, so it was a learning experience for me... I took the story in a different direction though... I put more of a Latin Jazz feel then a traditional jazz setting... My inspiration came from listening to early Latin Jazz music to early 60's Boogaloo... So I used a lot of references, from old latin records, documentaries such as "Our Latin Thng", old New York pictures, Latin musicians such as Willie Colon, Johnny Colon, Bobby Valentin etc. just to see how they used to dress in the early 60's, also how they used to do their hair...Anyways, I had a lot of fun in this class and I learned a lot...I'm taking it again this spring semester but now I have more of an understanding on what to do, so I hope I can develop the visuals better now that I understand more...

There's more work that I will post later, I Hope you like what you see


  1. these are incredible man! Your buildings are my favorite, It's cool to see your thumbnail process on those.. the colors are awesome too.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Holy crap! Awesome work! Fantastic work on those wonky buildings.

  3. Wow! Haven't checked out your blog in a while, love the new stuff. This post and the vector art especially!

  4. MAN!!!! GET em! I cant believe I missed this post.

  5. Josh these are amazing! You have some crazy talent my friend!!