Monday, February 1, 2010

"wOrK iN prOgReSS"

This is the illustration I've been workin on during winter break....It's about 85% done...I still need to work on the sky, red car, windows, a little of everything....hopefully now that spring semester has begun, I'll get a chance to finish it..... It's done in oil on panel....Size approx = 16 by 36... sorry for the picture quality, it looks better in person....

P.S. stay tuned for my homework posts, aside from that, I'll try my best to keep this blog updated....Also, Thanx John for guiding me on this project


  1. you can feel the happiness when you look at the pictures!!!! i love your stuff specially all about the music....i will past again for your blog!!!

  2. I love your old car they remind em of the movie cars.Thanks for sharing .